5 avr. 2014

CCNA in 1 day.

Is it possible to get CCNA certified in 1 day ? Yes it is. According to the liars with whom I am working with at the moment.
I am following a level 2 administration and management computing training. The duration of this about 8 months. We have got a lot to do. Windows server 200R2, Exchange. Oracle database. Linux. Helpdesk. Scripts. Office suite, back ups, disaster management, routers and of course as a mark of recognition for all of us, we have have an inscription to pass the CCNA exam.

The pace is barely possible to follow. One course busting another one out. But then again, are we supposed to be all knowledgeable about all of it ? No. We are not. Indeed an experienced IT professional would follow these training courses with amusement. Yes. 

This week our teacher had a major incident in his family. He had to go back home to sort  things out. He left us with some directions. Set up a switch and a router. Manually. Gather infos from a 2008 server and snmp tools. And of the top of it uses EON, launch CACTI and then manage triggers. "And if you got time make a note of it." That would be all. Ladie and gentlemen you have 1 day and half. ;-)

Ahaha. So let's get started. Despite all respects for the guidance all the guys and by the way the only girl of the class, decided to organize a cheat session. Yes. A cheat. session. And yes to get the CCNA.
To tell you the truth I was disgruntled. How can this be ? Does all of this means nothing. Apparently yes. I went to the elder (beside me) and asked him why he was doing this. He replied. " Well fuck it. I want it and I want a good job. So I'm gonna get it no matter what".

Unbelievable. And, the guy was so lame he did not know how to search in the cheat pages. 

Indeed. I did not participate. to the deal. Why would I ? Better be an outcast than a cheat partner.

29 mars 2014


Or Le "vous"

In France, there is a subtle distinction in being old and beind adressed as a mature person by youngsters. This way is called "Vous" pronounced "voo", it is a mark a recognition, of respect for your age. I believe the same attribute does not exist in English. The closest would be "sir". But, in france sir is very formal. It is very academic and have very little in everyday life. Except "excuse me sir" which is the entry point of any polite and well educated way to ask some French you don't know, something. Using "sir" alone is more a mark of attack towards the person you address.

I have to recognize that I am going on my 50 but, somehow with a 25 years old mentality. I am still rebellious. Rebellious to stupidity, harshness, lack of manners. And yet I like my youth era music. Meaning the 80's indy  music. I have been hugely inflenced by junk music. I mean my attitude have. Now, I am recovering... It is said that you do not choose music but music chose you. Like it was a sexual preference set from the beginning. I don't believe it is entirely true but it is very relevant to any human. Isn't it right ?

Where was I ? Ah yes. "Vous"... I am not use to be adressed as "Vous".
I have to comply with it now I guess. I'm 50. Then, even if I feel that I don't need the effort to be threaten as an elder. I mean, not yet. It feels like I am granted something that I did not finish. Being mature. Or maybe I am and I fail to see it. Anyway I cannot tell the youngster that I am still young at heart. That's going to be a pleasant game anyways. So getting old is fun. Yes, sir.

5 janv. 2014

Americans are good (yummy, lol).

As I was taunting at the bottle of liquid soap at the laundry. A granny nicely told me to remove the "second" lid of the bottle to get the last drops ;-)

I gave her some thanks and we started chatting about things and others.

At one point we agreed that the French people are always taunting about things. I could not agree more. I'm French. We also spotted it was getting worse and worse.

She said, showing her watch that I would not finish my wash before the laundrette close its door. I reply I hope the guy will not throw me out out with my unfinished laundry ;-)

She started saying that it would not happen in the U.S. And I would be treated as a customer. We went on again. Counting off all the bad attitudes you can get during the day.

Is it because of the anonymous, industrial way we live I said. She told me that would not be a good excuse to be moody all day long.

So what makes French people raunchy ? They must have lost the simple reality facts. I totally agreed with her. She said that Americans are still good about that. They take care of their customers. They can stay honest on things of everyday.

Well as for me. I never went to the U.S. but it felt like if I would regain some good directions. I might one day step in a U.S. shop to see how it feels not to be treated the French way...

Happy new year 2014 !

Almost forgot... 

Happy new year 2014 !